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Welcome to the Experience Marketing Association!

Happy New Year! I have the honor of being Chairman once again and join the small and distinguished group of two-term Chairmen: Chester Hull and Ron Schott.

Ron did an outstanding job as Chairman these last two years in keeping us all connected and informed through a challenging time for each of us, with the uncertainty of the impact that the pandemic would have on each of our businesses.

I would like to thank David Green and Mike Groom, who have completed their two-year term on the Board, and I would also like to thank and announce the current Board: Vice Chairperson Theresa Casey, Treasurer Lori Bayliss, Past Chairman Ron Schott, Vendor Relations Chair Andy Hedberg, Technology Chair Tom Pelon, and Membership Chair Jim Giebutowski. EMA would not be able to continue its mission without their volunteered time and dedication.

The Board is committed to continuing Ron’s goal of having one quality engagement per month, whether that be through a newsletter or webinar.

When I have spoken to other members recently, there was one thing I commonly heard: They are anxious for another in-person conference. Getting together and networking is one of the most valued benefits of EMA membership. Even though we are technically competitors, we have built many friendships over the years, and we all look forward to seeing each other again.

As you are aware, the conference was scheduled for April, but after careful consideration, the Board determined it would be prudent to postpone the conference until September 19, 2022. No one has a crystal ball, but we are hoping COVID will be less pervasive by then and more members will be able to attend.

Since it will be over two years that we have met in person, there will be a lot to cover, but we will do our best to fit it into two days. We will be meeting in Grapevine, TX at the Hotel Vin. The venue will be a very short train ride from the Dallas airport, and is shaping up to be educational and a lot of fun.

So be sure to block out September 19 and 20th on your calendars. I look forward to seeing all of you in person once again.

Mike Edwards


Mike Edwards

On-Hold Technologies

Theresa Casey

ProAudio / ProRoma 

Lori Bayliss

Communications On Hold

Ron Schott

Ace Media

Jim Giebutowski
Membership Committee

Marketing Messages

Andy Hedberg
Vendor Relations

The Production Department

Tom Pelon
Technology Committee

Smart Link Solutions

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EMA is a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business directors who share ideas and discuss issues with a rare, creative synergy. Together, we strive to be each other’s trusted advisors, friends, and support system. We leverage technology and industry trends to create leading-edge customer experience solutions, grow our businesses and set the standards for our industry.

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